Bread Lame



  • crafted wooden handle
  • sharp 4+1 blade set for a precise cut
  • protective cover
  • length: 19cm

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Your precisely dough cutting tool

LAME which means “blade” in French, is a long stick which will hold the blade to score the dough.
A bread lame is used to score shaped loaves in various designs before putting them into the oven.
Our Lame is a traditional curved blade lame which approaches the dough with a lower angle to create a flap cut. In the oven the cutting expands into “almond” shape while the flap peels become a crispy “ear” which adds both texture and flavor to the bread.

Our bread lame have following features:

  • A crafted wooden handle that fits comfortable in the grip in your hand;
  • Steel stick that fitted with sharp blade which gives you the precise cut;
  • 4+1 blades set give you the best value of your purchase;
  • The double edge sharped blades give our bread lame longer life than the traditional dough knife;
  • Protective cover prevent yourself from the sharp razor blade;
  • Perfect gift for hobby bakers
  • Length: 19cm

How to use the bread lame:

  • Make sure the blade is sharp;
  • Make a confident but gentle scoring on your dough, don’t cut the dough too deep or press down the dough;
  • You can wet the blade with water between slices if you are working with very sticky dough ;
  • To create a “ear” hold the lame at 30 degrees against your dough surface and cut the dough about 5mm deep;
  • When the blade isn’t sharp anymore flip the blade and change to a new angle for better result.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 19 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm

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