Oval Banneton Baskets

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Bannetons in an oval shape – 100 per cent out of rattan. Best proofing technique for baking organic and healthy bread in the traditional European way

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Find the right size for your sourdough bread

Inside top length of the baskets Dough Weight Range
20cm 250g to 350g
23cm 350g to 550g
25cm 650g to 800g
28cm 800g to 1kg
30cm 800g to 1.1kg
36cm 1.1kg to 1.4kg
43cm 1.4kg to 1.8kg
48cm 2kg+

All standard sizes for baking bread with our bannetons in an oval shape. Just chose the size and the quantity you want, and order online for Australia and New Zealand. If you have any questions about the product, manufacturing, usage, delivery, special sizes and so on – don’t hesitate to ask. Just write to [email protected]

What’s the benefit using rattan proofing baskets

We sell this baskets for a while – most bakers don’t want to use plastic forms any more, after they tried to bake with rattan forms. The dough can breath through the form and is only in contact with a natural material, while the sensitive proofing process. As well the form draws redundant water from the dough, which gives the dough and later the bread a much more stable shape.

For more information see this article on the blog virtuous bread.


Where is our product from

We manufacture our forms with our partner in Vietnam. All rattan comes from a farm in Laos, which grows and harvests rattan in a sustainable way. So no natural forest get’s destroyed for harvesting the plant. As well the working conditions on the farm in Laos and in the factory are matching western standards. We know both places from our travels in south east Asia and know very well, how our rattan is produced and how our baskets are manufactured.

How to use the baskets?

Simply spread flour on the form and put the dough in for proofing. After the proofing is finished, put the dough carefully upside down on your baking blade. It will keep its shape in the oven.

Please notice: Don’t put the dough with the form in the baking oven. The forms are only designed for the proofing process. If you use a special proofing oven, heating just over room temperature, you can use the form, but you need to remove it for the baking process.

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